Academics at Richwoods

With Schools going virtual we have options for parents and students to keep pace with the ISD curriculum. Our designed program for Elementary kids K-5 follows the ISD curriculum in a Hybrid model option with both Virtual and F2F ensuring participation in daily e-Learning classes, supporting kids on completing assigned assignments.

Structured Curriculum

At Richwoods Academy, we offer a structured curriculum.We have certified ISD staff to monitor the homework and provide help when needed. There will be regular communication between the afterschool program staff and the parent to keep track of the child’s work. After School Successfully completing homework on a regular basis Homework is one of the keys to academic success, but getting it done takes organization and time management skills.

Our Program and campus will facilitate the following:
  • Qualified ISD teachers are assigned to small pods to guide students during the school day and support is available for off-hours.
  • A strong communication channel between the afterschool program staff and parents to keep track of the child’s work on a weekly basis.
  • Safe and Secure environment following CDC guidelines, all day janitorial services and contact tracing set- up plans

Our Program

richwoods Designed Program For Elementary kids K-5
richwoods Safe & Secure Environment Following CDC Guidelines
richwoods High Speed Internet Access For Virtual Learning
richwoods Chromebooks & All Study Materials Available
richwoods Will Provide Face To Face 1:1 Coaching
richwoods ISD Certified Teachers
richwoods Personal Attention To The Daily E-Learning Classes
richwoods Supporting kids on completing assigned assignments
richwoods Small group Pods 5-6 kids
richwoods Afterschool/Summer School