Montessori School

Richwoods Academy - Let's get ready !!

Montessori School

Enrolling Toddles & Preschoolers
from 2 to 5 years old

We at Richwoods Montessori have been in this profession with a collective experience of over 10+ years and as owner operated business we understand the significance of creating a multi- aged learning environment that fosters physical, social and emotional development of kids. Our focus is to provide the right emphasis on learning skills with an opportunity for each individual to develop these skills that are geared to each child's stage and pace of readiness and development, we will strive to ensure each individual child can flourish and grow in this environment with the philosophy developed by Maria Montessori and implemented under the guidance of our qualified teachers.
School area ( zip codes) covered for Pick up : Within 5 mile radius for Plano, McKinney, Allen and Frisco.

our mission is to provide a unique and enriching environment experience laid on a strong foundation built on Maria Montessori’s concepts extended with the latest ambience, technology and ensuring safety for kids.

Montessori Activities

Fine Arts
Yoga & Gymnastics
Handwriting Skills
Outdoor Gardening
Pee -Wee Tennis
Martial Arts Tiny Tots
Basketball Juniors